Canada is making the Open Work Permit Pilot (OWPP) a changeless program, so the companions and partners of Canadian residents can keep on working while at the same time looking out for their permanent occupant status. The program started in December 2014, and was set to terminate on July 31 after its latest augmentation. Rather than setting another expiry date, Canada is currently broadening the program until the administrative changes have been finished to execute the pilot as perpetual strategy.

To be qualified for an OWPP, candidate needs to meet some criteria’s. They should

• Have a partner who is a Canadian resident or Canadian citizen who has submitted a sponsorship application on their behalf;
• live at the same Residence as their sponsor
• Have a valid temporary resident status in Canada, or an approved application for restoration status with authorization to work.

Individuals applying under the OWPP can present their work permit application simultaneously as their application for permanent residency. It is additionally acceptable to present the application for the OWPP independently if candidates have just started the process. In the event that candidates have just got approval on a basic level on their Permanent residency application, they can apply for the OWPP online. Approval on a basic level means the spouse accomplice has just got a letter from IRCC expressing that they meet the permanent residence qualification necessities, yet they have not yet passed their security, medical and background verification.

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