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Our expert panel also provides counselling to overseas professionals with certifications like Physiotherapists, nurses, and accountants, etc. how they can enhance their education and upgrade their certifications in Canada. This can help them make a better career and a great life in Canada with their families.

Our Support getting Physiotherapists to Canada

Physiotherapy in Canada is a highly streamlined and regulated profession. An international physiotherapist needs to fulfill certain criteria to get their licensing approved and work as a physiotherapist in Canada. Our Team member and channel partner In Canada, is a one stop portal for physiotherapists across the world, we take a step wise approach in assisting every physio to complete all the processes in the least amount of time and in the minimal expenditure possible. We work towards completing a hassle free documentation, preparing you for the written and clinical component examinations from the comfort and safety of your home country. And on arrival to Canada, we can also furnish you with job placements across the country in reputed, well-established clinics where the quality of life and environment of working are encouraging progress. We also will be enabling candidates to get their jobs in their field of choice, meaning a pediatric inclined physiotherapist, May mostly be connected to a pediatric set up whereas a candidate interested in pelvic floor rehabilitation, would be placed in a similar set up. This portal of In2Canada, works on a time based module and has unlimited lectures, unlimited updates to notes and study material as well as 24/7 support of peer study groups and trainers.

Connecting with Dreamz Unlimited you get associated with our talented team and would be working as a Physiotherapist in Canada in the fastest, easiest and most economical way possible.

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