Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

You can sponsor your own parents and grandparents if:


you’re at least 18 years old


you live in Canada


you’re a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act


you have enough money to support the persons you want to sponsor

Whom can you Sponsor

You could sponsor your own parents and grandparents, related by blood or adoption. In the case of divorce or separation, you can sponsor your parents’ and your grandparents’ spouses, or conjugal or common-law partners. In the application, you can only include your brothers and sisters, or half brothers and sisters, if they qualify as dependent children. You may sponsor more than 1 person or couple if you meet the income requirements for all the people you want to sponsor and their dependents (spouse, partner, and children).

Every year fresh guidelines are available and the seats are limited, so please reach out to us today.

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The Process

Sponsorship Applications for Parents and Grandparents are conducted through a “ Randomized Selection Intake Management”. The following outlines the process for Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who wish to sponsor their Parents and Grandparents:

  1. Submit an Electronic “ Interest to Sponsor”: Potential Sponsors have 30 days from the date the program opens to submit an Interest to Sponsor form on the IRCC website.
  2. Receive a Confirmation number: The potential sponsor receives a computer-generated confirmation number. The number has to be used on the application form.
  3. Wait for the random selection draw: The number at which the program is capped, the potential sponsors will receive an invitation to submit an application to sponsor their parents and grandparents.
  4. Submit a sponsorship application package: Sponsors get a fixed number of days to complete the application package, including all relevant supporting documents and paying applicable fees to CPC-M. Any errors in the application is not accepted.

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