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Finding the right Employers

We all aspire to find the best jobs as per our talent and satisfaction, but a recent survey tells us that only around 10 – 15 percent of the local population finds a job, which they ever dreamed of doing in their lifetime and further happily made a career out of it. Unfortunately, the rest have to mould themselves into the job profiles they could ever get and continued to earn their livelihood and raising their loved ones. We at Dreamz Unlimited can help you match your talent to the best sources available in the market. Please do connect with our experts, we can help you present your profile to the amazing job opportunities available in the local market. We are regularly looking for fresh talent for our clients in Permanent, Temporary and Intern positions for the following sectors








Medical and Allied medical services








Manufacturing and processing Units


Travel and Tourism





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Finding the right Workforce – Hiring Employees

In recent times, the job market has become increasingly competitive, with qualified candidates in high demand based on Population, age, demographics, regions, economic conditions, and prevailing recruitment competition. In these scenarios, Companies have to look for creative ways of staffing. It has been found that hiring the right employees is a challenging process. Although it pays back in employee’s productivity, successful employment relationships, and a positive impact on a total work environment. Hiring the right employee pays back a thousand times over in high employee morale, positive forward-thinking, planning, and accomplishing challenging goals.

Employees could be hired as Temporary workers, Interns, or Permanent Employees to an Organization. It depends on the kind of work and the resources available with the company to complete the ongoing jobs. Our Team sincerely works with the client to understand and analyze his needs and further drafts him a suitable solution, to cater best to his staffing requirements. Our staffing solutions can help find

Permanent Employees

We help source Experienced and best talent available in the market as per the client’s employment needs. We maintain a huge updated database of local professionals pursuing their careers in various streams ranging from hospitality, tourism, Information technology, constructions, etc. who now are looking for better opportunities and projects available in the market. We have a team of Experts who screen talent as per the Client expectations.

Temporary Foreign Workers

If an Employer has gaps in his workforce and can’t find qualified candidates in the Canadian market who are either Permanent residents or Citizens or if it’s a unique situation where that skill set is in shortage, we are certified to help you source these talents from overseas, this process is termed as the Temporary Foreign worker program, this is in accordance with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada guidelines. We help you source the best talent suitable for your requirements, further represent you at Service Canada to get approval on Labour market impact assessment, and on approval received to get the Qualified skilled worker on a Work permit to come and work here in Canada. We would even work further with the client in maintaining the foreign workforce as per the set standards.


There is a lot of fresh talent available in the market who graduates from colleges and universities here in Canada every year, we help them connect with our client companies as it becomes a two way beneficial relationship between the employer and the candidate. The candidate gets a chance to acquire a hands on experience on the worksite and the employer gets a fair chance to temporary fill gaps in the workforce and also to test if the employee is worth the position.

We do have an Expertise to design a custom workforce solution as per our client needs.

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