Entrepreneurship Provisional Programs

BC PNP Base Plan

Immigrants who aim to start a business in the province of British Columbia are encouraged to apply for the British Columbia BC PNP Visa program. Applicants must provide a business concept and business plan during the first stage of the application process, which accounts for 40% of this stage.

In the second stage, applicants are requested to submit a detailed business plan with evidence for the claims they made earlier about the overall potential of their business in the province.

BC PNP Regional Plan

The BC PNP Regional Pilot program is a new immigration pathway for foreign nationals who are looking to establish and run a new business in smaller communities across British Columbia. Here, the business must be established in a community fewer than 75,000 people and located more than 30 kilometers away from a metropolitan area.

Participating communities outline the type of priority sectors that are able to apply, and each community has unique application requirements to comply with. Generally, a business concept or business plan is required in order to be invited for an exploratory visit.

Approved applicants will first obtain a temporary work permit to start and operate their business in British Columbia for a least 12 months in accordance with the terms of their established Performance Agreement.

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Alberta AINP

The Alberta AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream is specifically designed to attract individuals with the intention to set up a farming business in Alberta. This stream aims to stimulate the economic development of the province.

Applicants must demonstrate farm management skills and sufficient financial resources to invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta.

Manitoba MNP

Immigrants that wish to settle in Manitoba and establish a business are encouraged to apply for the Manitoba MNP-BIS-ENP Visa. The province aims to attract entrepreneurial immigrants who want to either own or start their business in Manitoba.

The MNP-FRSI Visa, on the other hand, aims to attract immigrants with farming experience to contribute to the province’s rural industry.

Both programs are a unique pathway to permanent residency. Key requirements are a Self-Assessment Form and a well-thought-out Business Concept.

Ontario OINP

Ontario, Canada’s largest business hub, initiated the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Entrepreneur stream with one key objective. The province aims to attract entrepreneurial immigrants who want to either start their business or expand their current business in Ontario.

Successful applicants will be granted temporary work provisions to establish the proposed business in the province.

Nova scotia NSNP

The Nova Scotia NSNP Entrepreneur Stream is designed for entrepreneurs who want to start or own a business in Nova Scotia. Overall, the program aims to attract business owners and other experienced individuals. In a Business Establishment Plan, the applicant must outline their intent to purchase or set up a business in Nova Scotia.

A sophisticated business plan must be provided which covers all aspects of business development and other key areas.

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